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Preventative Dentistry

Oral Hygiene, Check-Ups and Cleanings

It’s important to stick to a consistent oral hygiene program. Daily cleaning of your teeth, gums, and tongue twice a day and regularly flossing combined with annual dental check-ups help reduce harmful bacteria that may cause tooth decay, bleeding gums, and oral infections. There is nothing to fear about coming to the dentist for your initial or recall exams. Your dentist will take radiographs, will perform an extra-oral and intraoral exam, look inside your mouth and provide you with a diagnosis and treatment. Usually, by the end of the visit you will have cleaning and basic routine instructions. It’s important to attend regular dental office visits to help you develop strong teeth and gums, but also overall good health. You will feel good about yourself and avoid unnecessary bills. Get started with some basic information and a thorough exam offered to you at Sunset Smile Creations by our team of doctors and staff to help you stay healthy and look good.

Digital Dental X-rays

Dental digital radiography has progressed through the years. This technology has improved significantly and the radiation exposure associated with modern dentistry represents a minor contribution to the total exposure from all sources. Today’s dental X-rays are safer, faster, more comfortable and more informative with high quality images that allow your dentist to diagnose and treat conditions in a more efficient manner.


This is used to fill in narrow grooves in a tooth that cannot be adequately cleaned by brushing. In some cases, the tooth structure has fine grooves or pits which accumulate plaque, not because the person doesn't brush, but because they're too narrow to allow even one bristle into them. These will develop cavities over time, and you don't want that. So the dentist will brush on a coating that seals the grooves and pits, making it possible to brush off all the plaque and keep your teeth healthy.

Fluoride Therapy

Enamel is a hard, protective shell over the surface of your teeth. However, bacteria can eat away the tooth enamel if you don't properly clean and take care of your mouth. Receiving regular fluoride treatments help strengthen your enamel and reverse the effects of tooth decay. Drinking water and daily oral hygiene with toothpastes and rinses are the most common sources of fluoride, but the most potent source is found only in the dental office.